Grassroots Marketing Meets a Modern Mission

What is Castle Aura? It’s grassroots marketing embedded in a modern business environment. What do they do? They connect customers with the entertainment they love. How? Click on the “Learn More” button.

Building Business One Person at a Time

We value what the "individual" brings to the table

We Are Castle Aura Enterprise

Castle Aura Enterprise is a leader in marketing solutions for your business

At Castle Aura, we’re revolutionizing the way our clients operate their in-store marketing campaigns by leveraging direct-to-consumer sales techniques in order to create a unique, personalized shopping experience. Working hand-in-hand with some of the biggest retailers in the world, Castle Aura combines a dedicated knowledge of their clients’ mission and goals with their unbending commitment to the customer in order to enhance consumer loyalty and drive sales skyward. Castle Aura has developed and executed many successful marketing campaigns that have helped their clients reach customers and hit them when it matters most.

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