Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We believe that before you can coach a team, you have to know how to play the game. Having served in every position of our Management Training Program, our Market Managers are well-equipped to not only coach from the sidelines, but also lead their team on the field.

That is up to you and your work ethic. Once you begin in the entry-level sales and marketing position, you have control over your own advancement. Pay increases and promotions are earned by personal output alone and are not limited by corporate budgets or the bureaucracy of seniority.

Yes, and it’s paid! Our Management Training Program equips our team members for success in this industry. Training includes learning more about our client's product, adapting effective sales and marketing techniques, becoming comfortable with public speaking, and adopting the necessary leadership skills for team management.

Absolutely not! We compensate our employees on a weekly basis with hourly wages as well as uncapped commissions; however, hourly wages are negotiable based on background and experience. In addition to this, bonuses and incentives are rewarded based on productivity.

No. We believe these are outdated methods of marketing. Our clients hire us to engage customers on a face-to-face level, so we can build lasting relationships based on the fundamentals of good customer service.

We believe nothing motivates our employers more than some friendly competition, and we promote this atmosphere by providing encouraging leadership and rewarding incentives. At Castle Aura, we have built a fast-paced and exciting work environment that is guaranteed to provide you with essential career skills, from communication to leadership.